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Rockstar Qualities We Seek

At Rockstar Fire and Stone, our team is our strongest asset. Beyond the skills and the experience, we search for those rare qualities that set an individual apart.

Craftsmanship Excellence

We seek individuals with a keen eye for detail, ensuring every piece of work meets our premium standard.

Team Collaboration

Building great structures requires unity; we value those who can collaborate seamlessly with diverse teams.

Passion & Drive

Beyond skills, we appreciate individuals who bring an unmatched passion and drive to every project they handle.

Client Focus

Understanding and translating client visions is paramount; we look for staff that prioritize and value client aspirations.

Join our big family and save people's lives

We are a world fire and rescue service - one of the greatest firefighting and salvation organizations in the world.

We are currently not hiring. Call us at (540)395-5054 if you are still interested in speaking about joining our team.

Got Burning Questions? We've Rock-solid Answers!

Navigating the world of fire and stone can spark a myriad of questions. Fear not! We've carved out answers to some of the most blazing inquiries we receive. Dive into our FAQs and quench your curiosity.

What is the application process for a career with Rockstar Fire and Stone?

The application process begins online through our careers portal. After submitting your application and relevant documents, shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview, followed by a potential skills assessment depending on the position.

Is there potential for career advancement within the company?

Yes, we prioritize promoting from within. We encourage our employees to grow, learn, and take on new responsibilities, leading to various avenues for career advancement.

How often are performance reviews conducted, and are they tied to pay raises or promotions?

We conduct performance reviews annually. These reviews provide feedback, set new goals, and can be tied to pay raises, bonuses, or promotions based on performance and company metrics.

Do you provide training for new employees?

Absolutely! While we value experience, we believe in the continuous growth of our employees. New hires undergo an orientation and training program to acquaint them with our processes, products, and company values.

Are there any specific physical requirements for the Stone Artisan position?

The Stone Artisan role often requires handling heavy materials and tools. Hence, candidates should be able to lift certain weights and be comfortable standing or bending for extended periods.

Does Rockstar Fire and Stone offer internship or apprenticeship opportunities?

Yes, we believe in nurturing young talent. We occasionally offer internships or apprenticeships in various departments, providing a hands-on experience and a glimpse into our world of stone craftsmanship.